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Australia's snakeman is best known for his company Snakebusters and the best educational reptile shows in Australia (see image link on this page). He has also published hundreds of definitive reptile-related scientific papers and books. Within these are a catalogue of many of his world-first achievements in terms of reptiles and the science.

The amount of reptile information within these publications exceeds the output of pretty much everyone else in the history of the science of herpetology. Raymond Hoser's reptile-keeping methods, once thought of as outlandinsh and radical, are now mainstream among all the better reptile facilities. Whether it is keeping snakes in plastic tubs, shotgun treatment for parasites, smooth surfaces for turtle ponds and so on, it was Hoser who was first for these and other innovations. In the 1970's there were petitions circulating against Hoser for his alleged cruelty in keeping reptiles in plastic tubs. Now many of the petitioners against Hoser do just that!
In the 1980's it was governmment officials and their allies in the private sector claiming there would be mass-wipe outs of native reptiles if people were allowed the right to keep them (this right removed in the 1970's). After Hoser published the books, "Smuggled" and "Smuggled-2" in the 1990's, laws were changed to allow private ownership of reptiles. There has been no mass wipe-outs and public interest in reptiles has never been stronger.
In the period post 2000, a number of petitions have emerged condemning Hoser's world first operations to surgically devenomize snakes. Funny thjing is, that most of the petitioners have themselves unsuccessfully sought to acquire these very same snakes!
Meanwhile the Hoser venomoid (devenomizing) operation has been successfully copies by surgeons in America and published in major publications around the world.
With the welfare benefits to venomoid snakes being obvious to all, there is no doubt that the use of venomoid snakes will increase in the future.

In terms of areas as diverse as crocodile husbandry, parasites in snakes, taxonomy of elapids, pythons, rattlesnakes and skinks, Hoser has been a leader in the world.

Addressing key scientific gatherings internationally, Hoser has always been a drawcard wherever he appears.  With over 40 years of catchting snakes and global snake hunting experience, the Hoser name is known to everyone with a serious interest in reptiles and wildlife.

Raymond Hoser' Melbourne-based company Snakebusters is well known for doing emergency snake removale and is a regular on the television with snake-related reptile news stories.

When journalists demand expertise on all things reptile, they can’t go past the Snakeman Raymond Hoser for accurate information.

Snakebusters as a business is a diverse operation.  In fact the main part of the enterprise is reptile education, for which the firm is a world leader.

Snakebusters does snake shows, school reptile incursions in Melbourne, kids birthday parties, reptiles exhibits and so on.

What separates Hoser's Snakebusters reptile displays from the rest in Melbourne are several important factors.  One is that Hoser’s company is the only hands-on reptile shows that lets people handle reptiles.  Other companies either do, “show and tell” or boring static displays only.  Hoser’s reptile shows are also the only venomous snakes shows on the planet that are guaranteed safe, because he was the first to successfully surgically devenomize the world’s most deadly serpents.

Hoser’s staff, trained personally by the Melbourne snake charmer himself, have the benefit of over 40 years world-leading experience in their training.  This training is also available through Snakebusters snake keeping training and reptile handling courses which are conducted in all parts of Australia and also internationally and independently rated the best in the business.

In other words, if you need reliable information in the form of printed material, reptile shows in Melbourne, snake handling courses, wildlife displays in Victoria or even at a kids reptile birthday party, it makes sense to demand the source be the Snake Man Ray Hoser and Snakebusters.

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